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Welcome to Gjesdahllaw.com. This site was designed to help you at a time when you need help, namely, when a family relationship has eroded or spun out of control. It was created to help you at that time when you’re thinking about that first call to a lawyer, when you need to know how the legal system works and how the law can help you through.

Start at “About Our Firm,” where you’ll meet our attorneys and staff, learn about the attorney-client relationship, and read what some of our past clients have to say about us.

Then click on your state of residence, either “North Dakota” or “Minnesota” to learn about nine different broad topics, some or all of which are probably involved in your circumstances. Wherever you see a prompt for “Additional Resources,” make sure to check it out. For each of the nine topic areas we discuss, we’ve scoured the internet for helpful sites and materials, and have collected those materials: In other words, we’ve done the internet hunting and pecking, so you don’t have to.

Does legal jargon and mumbo-jumbo intimidate or worry you? Don’t let it. We try to de-mystify the legal process, not make it even more frustrating than it already is. Click on “Resources” for a glossary of legal terms and to find a variety of legal resource sites.

Is it time for you to share your circumstances with an attorney and to open a more direct line of communication with a lawyer? Visit “Contact Us” to find Mike Gjesdahl’s email. Don’t be shy. Don’t wait. Life changing help may be a few key strokes or a phone call away.


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